eilee. 16
Anonymous asked: “fag is what u are fag fag fag fagf fag gay gay faggot gay shit fag”

give it a rest rebekah 

Anonymous asked: “You're a nice person, Eilee.”

haha well thankyou :) I’m sure your a lovely person too 

Anonymous asked: “omg you dont even answer all your questions.. omg hurry up”

which ones haha 

Anonymous asked: “your blogs alright i guess lee”

thanks whita!

Anonymous asked: “so what happened between u and jake deets plz”

well I’m not too sure haha 

Anonymous asked: “Well well well, mackinnon, how are you? Hows jordy boy, you sah gay XoXo”

I’m fine thanks :) jordy boys fine i believe haha. You sah gay literally <3

Anonymous asked: “Thoughts on ari wilks, andrew bax and aliice mals?”

Ari: My bruutha <3 him 4evs 

Andrew: Hes an angel (your an angel) shines bright like dem diamondz 

Alice: i love ya! all though you ruined my day of celebration and broke the pun rule ;)

Anonymous asked: “Thoughts on intercourse?”

oh its magical 

Anonymous asked: “thoughts on Katie hahah <3”

oh weird kid..

i kid she’s gr8 <3

Anonymous asked: “Who would you rather as your lover, alice, andrew or ari? Triple A baby”

thats another toughy, but probs alice cause she’s my gal